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“We believe design has a huge part to play in every day well-being, particularly when used within the home”

With an unwavering focus on delivering stylish and inspirational design for the home, MissPrint are ideal collaborators for Adorn. Co-founded in 2005 by mother and daughter Yvonne and Rebecca, MissPrint have continued to delighted customers with their trademark non-perfect lines and non-uniform patterns; with each stunning design created by hand.

The unique and instantly recognisable MissPrint style transposes perfectly onto window film, creating the ideal way of adding genuine designer style to your glazing. Each order from The MissPrint for Adorn range is a bespoke product, created to your exact size specifications and available in two distinct finishes.

Both options are created from Adorn’s classic frosted window film, which when applied will give your glass the contemporary and desirable appearance of sandblasted glass, in turn delivering privacy without diminishing natural light levels. By choosing a cut pattern, you will receive a precision cut piece of film, with the design computer cut from the frosted window film. Please be aware that vision will be possible through the cut area. If you opt for a white printed design, the pattern or motif will be printed in brilliant white ink.

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MissPrint Window Film Designs