Meet Keith and Mark. Meet Mini Moderns.

Introducing Mini Moderns

Mini Moderns for Adorn “Mini Moderns; pattern with a story”

The collaboration between Mini Moderns and Adorn has resulted in a stunning collection of eye-catching and evocative designs, taking inspiration from a variety of sources ranging from mid-century British textiles to childhood holidays and memories.

Mini Moderns was formed and launched by the talented duo of Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire, who combined their experience in the design industry with their passion for creativity and applied pattern to form a highly successful and well respected brand.

It’s now easier than ever to incorporate the distinct and desirable Mini Moderns look into your home with Adorn window film. Take a look at the Mini Moderns Window Film Collection.

We're incredibly proud to have collaborated with the supremely talented Mini Moderns to offer a beautiful collection of eye-catching window film designs.

In this video you can get a fascinating insight into the inspirations and processes that have resulted in Mini Moderns being so successful, with an instantly recognisable and much loved style. This is the story of Mini Moderns and Adorn. Enjoy!