Introducing Hannah Nunn

The Hannah Nunn Story...

Hannah Nunn “Window film brings pattern and illumination together”

Originally from Leeds, the talented Hannah Nunn made her name creating beautiful handmade greetings cards and lamps. These featured delicate cut designs, allowing light to stream through and creating beautiful silhouettes and illumination and light has remained a key part of Hannah’s influence ever since. 

Hannah Nunn’s love of design was borne of a fascination with nature and she is constantly thinking of ways to translate natural beauty into a usable design. With this range of stunning window films, it’s fair to say that Hannah has achieved her goal. Browse through the Hannah Nunn Window Film Collection.

When Hannah Nunn came across window film, she was immediately excited about the opportunities; instantly recognising the way her nature-themed designs could look and perform in a host of new ways.

The video below is the inspirational story of what happened when Hannah Nunn met Adorn. Enjoy!

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