F.A.Q's - Adorn Window Film

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Adorn frosted window film make my room dark?

Our specialist window films are developed to allow excellent levels of natural light to pass through your glass. We recognise of maintaining a bright and airy environment and our film delivers exactly this.

Will my Adorn window film deliver total privacy?

Adorn frosted window film will give your glass the look of frosted or etched film, delivering a stylish privacy solution. The film will block the view from both sides of the glass, but please note if you buy a cut pattern, the patterned area will be see though.

How do I order?

Each order from Adorn is completely bespoke, but ordering your window film from Adorn couldn’t be simpler. Firstly measure the window you wish to apply your film to. Choose your pattern or design and then enter the measurements. Your price will be automatically displayed. Click to confirm your order and you’re done!

How do I make sure the pattern is the right size?

Your window film will be created to the exact size you specify. Our expert print and graphics team deal with each order individually, with the pattern scaled perfectly to match your dimensions. Each order is lovingly checked and finished by hand to make sure it is absolutely perfect.

How much will my Adorn window film cost?

The cost depends on the size of panel you require. Simply measure your glass and enter the dimensions on the appropriate product page and the price will be displayed automatically. Your Adorn window film will be computer cut to ensure absolute precision, so do take the time to be as accurate as you can with your measurements.

Is the film easy to install?

Adorn window film is the perfect DIY product. Installation is a straightforward process, with printed fitting instructions included with each order and video fitting instructions available on each product page. While we’re confident you’ll find fitting your film a stress free experience, we do recommend you take the time to view the instructional video to familiarise yourself with the process.

Is the film easy to remove?

While window film from Adorn is designed to be long lasting and durable, it can also be removed should you decide you want a change.

How long can I expect my Adorn window film to last?

Adorn window film is a long lasting product, designed specifically to deliver high levels of performance and style for as long as it is required.

Does it matetr if my Adorn window film gets wet?

No. Window film from Adorn has been specially developed to be able to withstand wetness and moisture. Once installed, water won’t affect the film in any way, leaving you to enjoy your Adorn window film in even the most demanding of locations.

Can I use it in my bathroom?

When choosing film from Adorn, you are choosing a product that is as hard wearing and durable as it is stylish. It’s been specially developed to withstand steam and moisture making it perfect for adding privacy and an added decorative flourish to your bathroom or shower screen. Wherever you would like to use Adorn window film, you can do so with confidence.

How do I clean my Adorn window film once it is installed?

Once installed, you can clean your Adorn window film in exactly the same fashion as you’d clean a standard window. You can use household cleaning products as per your usual cleaning routine, just take care not to use any abrasive materials which could scratch the film.